How To Make Your Tow Truck Last

Tow truck owners understand that their towing trucks make cash for the towing organization. But several have no idea that speeding tow truck drivers can cost the business money, as well. Provided is a summary of cash-economy facts wrecker fleet owners should be aware of regarding their trucks.

We spoke with several towing companies in San Diego CA to find out what they experienced as far as normal wear and tear when it comes to their fleet vehicles. The San Diego Towing Network is a medium size towing service in the San Diego metro area and they provide emergency towing and roadside service to their community. They also provide services needed for persons who locked their keys in the car and need a hand to open a locked car door. The local towing company experiences a fairly high rate a damages and repairs due to the nature of a towing company – an emergency service that can get very busy at times. The company takes many tips from the CTTA. Find their Kudzu listing here if you’re interested in their reviews.

guy working on a tow truckThe perfect rate to get a tow truck is 50-55 miles-per hour. Raising the rate of a tow truck additionally raises the energy needed to transfer it. Thus, if your tow truck is driven at 60 miles per hour, 73% more hp to go the car, and 159% more horse power will be required by it at 70 miles per hour.

In case a driver of a tow truck is often speeding, the tires of the truck will break up quicker, costing you lots of cash in fix and tire replacement.

Reconsider in case you believe a tow truck in idle uses less gas when compared to a tow truck in movement.

A rise in rate may also cause early wear of the components that are following: gears, clutches, bearings, drive-trains, and suspension. Towing truck care prices hover around 38% for towing trucks which are typically driven at rates between 50 to 60 miles per hour, but those prices can sky-rocket – achieving up to 80% – in the event the towing truck is typically driven at 70 miles per hour.

The space needed to stop a medium size tow truck additionally grows together with the rate of the car, therefore a mid size truck journey further before it could quit and will consider longer. A good tow truck traveling at 50 miles per hour and an average truck going at 70 miles per hour take 275 tows and 500 tows, respectively. Speeding is an issue in an important amount of towing truck accidents traveling this is.